Shibh Aljazira Technology &
Contracting Co.

Shibh Algazira Technology and Contracting (SAJTEC) was founded in 2005, the company’s objectives was to provide for the growing demands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Highly specialized solutions in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems(ITS), Traffic Management Systems (TMS), Security solutions, Telecommunication infrastructure (OSP).

Our aim is to provide a high level solutions and services to the growing market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The drive behind our business was mainly due to the requirements for smart control & management of large-scale integrated systems, for both transportation and industrial applications. From our inception, SAJTEC has been committed to providing the up-to-date technology required to fulfill the needs of our customers/clients.

SAJTEC specialized services include – design, engineering, installation, equipment selection and approval, system integration, commissioning, operation and after sales services. Our client base includes both private and government entities.

To ensure our continued success in the marketplace, we are continuously seeking to enhance our expertise by engaging on a regular basis with our international and local suppliers and updating our knowledge in regards to the ever emerging technologies.

Our Vision

To become one of the most recognized companies as a leading System Integrator in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia., providing the required ITS and Traffic Management Turn-Key solutions.

Our Mission

To be the leading provider of Turn-Key solutions & services in the field of ITS and Traffic Management as well Security and Communications for small to medium-sized commercial marketplaces.

Our Strategy
  • Keeping up to date with the latest groundbreaking technologies that will meet project requirements in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & GCC countries.
  • Holding strategic relationships with our international partners who are a major resource for the latest and future technologies.
  • Utilizing the tried and tested System Integration process as a backbone for our Company duties.
  • Maintaining, developing, and training our staff to ensure they can deliver the best products and services for our clients.
  • Providing Turn-Key solutions include design, installation, commissioning & after-sales services.

SAJTEC team has experienced and valuable blend of business analyst, local resources and engineering specialist that gives us the advantage to deliver top notch results for our clients.

Company Values

SAJTEC is founded on the following values:


SAJTEC will work constantly to earn the respect and trust of all parties that it interacts with, by acting fairly and honorably. SAJTEC will observe high ethical standards and obey all laws and regulations.


Based on our foundation of quality, SAJTEC will do all that it can to deliver value to all clients and stakeholders and remain fully accountable for actions and decisions taken by the management for which SAJTEC is responsible.


SAJTEC is committed to excellence in all of its activities. SAJTEC values excellence and creativity and intends to maintain a position of leadership in each of its industries.


SAJTEC is committed to introducing innovation into its services and products by keeping up to date with industry advances to ensure state of the art solutions are provided to clients and stakeholders.

Concern for Society

SAJTEC will be responsible for the safety of its employees and other affected by its services and the environmental impact of its operations, services, and products.

In support of these values, SAJTEC plans to invest in resources and improve its policies, system, and procedures to provide world class solutions to its customers.