Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

With the increase in the number of vehicles over the last two decades in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and spite of notable improvements to the infrastructure, especially in high built up areas, the transportation solutions that were in place, have become insufficient to handle today’s ever-increasing traffic growth.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), also known as Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) as well as Freeway Management Systems (FMS), are an umbrella name for the broad range of diverse technologies utilized for Information Processing, Control and Management of Transportation networks.

SAJTEC value is best recognized in the installation of ITS systems, their integration, the processing of data from such systems, making it readily available to all transportation stakeholders and thus assisting them in the decisions that support sustainable transportation networks.

The main objectives/goals of SAJTEC are to move forward swiftly to a fully integrated transportation system, which will improve efficiency, road user safety, and reduce the carbon footprint in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Through our many years of experience in the Saudi’s Market, SAJTEC can offer a wide range of services which include planning, design, installation, training, operation and after sales service.


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